June 11th Corn On The Cob Day

One of the best summer treats anywhere in the US is an ear of corn, the fresher the better. Whether you boil it, steam it, roast it, or grill it, an ear of corn is enjoyed by nearly everyone you set it down in front of. I grew up on a farm where one of the crops we grew was sweet corn. I remember times, when everything was just right, when you could walk out in the field and actually pick an ear of corn and if it was in the milking stage you could actually eat it right there and then.

Of course it was better when it was boiled, heaping with butter, and just enough salt to add flavor.  Ah, there’s nothing better.


Roasting it with the husk still on it was another way to cook it. This is really popular in the south where clam bakes are going on. Everything is thrown into a hole in the ground and cooked together at one time.


Naturally steaming the corn is another popular way to cook it. The corn doesn’t become waterlogged so it is always crisp, plump, and full of flavor.

Grilling the corn is now becoming one of the most artistic ways to prepare corn on the cob.

download (3)

Wrapped up in tin foil it is easy to cook on the grill, or in the oven, adding extra flavors to the ear of corn. You can add garlic, ginger, harissa, mint, chili, cheese, or even coconut to your grilled corn while it cooks (there are three recipes there for you to look over).

But the best way, in my opinion, is the easiest. Boil it and butter it. That’s good eating.

How to celebrate:  There are normally numerous corn festivals going on, go visit one. Try going to a farm where you can pick your own corn. Buy some corn and cook it what ever way you want for dinner tonight.

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