July 24th National Drive-Thru Day

Wow, not only have we gotten so lazy that we hardly ever cook our own food now we tend to not even have to get out of the car to fetch it. I mean, I do understand convenience, but there is a point where you have to recognize just how far we have let it go.

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Of course we had to wait for the car to get invented but by the 1930’s fast food restaurants and banks were beginning to pop-up all over the place. In fact, the reason drive-thrus were even created was for banks. I have to assume it was to make things easier for the bank robbers since cars weren’t as fast back in the 1930’s, they sort of needed a running start so not having to stop at all was probably really good for them, but I digress… LOL!

Today we all use drive-thru tellers to do a great part of our banking and there are some 211,000 drive -thru fast food restaurants in the US. (frankly I thought there would be more). Add to those modern conveniences – we have drive-thru coffee shops, dry cleaners, pharmacies, and liquor stores (guess drinking and driving takes a back seat here).

Evangelical Church Operates Drive-Through Prayer Booth

We also have drive-thru churches for those who need a quick saving or prayer said for them. I am not sure how God would view this but I guess it’s better than nothing. You can get a free Bible and a bottle of water here. And no, I do not believe it’s Holy Water.

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We have drive-thru zoos as well where you really had better not get out of your car since you are more or less the one in the cage and the animals roam free.


And apparently, even though you can not walk up to a drive-thru window in some states, you are allowed to ride your horse.

I can envision a day when you never have to get out of your car to do anything. Which means you had better have a nice car, maybe even one of those that drives itself so you can take a nap while you go to pick up that fast food. And it better have really nice seats since you will be growing larger and larger as time goes on.

The first fast-food operating drive-thru was built by Jack-In-The-Box restaurant back when burgers sold for 18 cents each. They are also the creators of National Drive-Thru Day.

How to celebrate – Well, go to a drive – thru, or even make a day of it visiting a lot of drive-thrus. Try walking into the business you are trying to buy something from. Make your own drive through out of card board boxes and have your family meal this way today!

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