August 28th National Cherry Turnover Day

One of my favorite fruits is the cherry and now I find out they are related to plums, peaches, and nectarines. They are drupes (whatever that is), or possibly better known as stone fruit. I always thought they were just cherries! They are not native to North America however. The cherry was brought over by English colonist in the 1600’s.


Cherries are good for you too! Well, when eaten in proper portions. You may, or may not, have known that cherries may have led to General Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg. His troops had been denied fresh fruit for so long when they arrived in Pennsylvania they found cherry orchards and ate their fill, and more. When they arrived at Gettysburg, many of the troops were ill from eating too many cherries (any fruit would have done the same thing). Perhaps they did not fight as well as a result, or maybe not, but that’s one of the excuses offered anyway.


Cherries are great just by themselves, or made into a pie, or cake, or cut up in ice cream. But today is cherry turnover day so that’s what we are celebrating! Cherry Turnovers can come in many flavors. Obviously they are all cherry, but the filling can be mixed with other fruits, creams, and flavorings so you can have them your way. Oh, and there are over 1,000 varieties of cherries so they can even taste different depending on which cherry you use.


They are even good if you just pour the cherries into some dough and either fry or bake them with nothing added to it at all.


How to celebrate – Make your family some cherry turnovers. Some fast food restaurants serve cherry turnovers if nothing else works. Make up your own type of cherry turnover after you have investigated the different types of cherries you can use.


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