September 21st National Pecan Cookie Day

It’s hard to beat a pecan cookie. Sweet and a little nutty and perhaps a little healthier than an Oreo. (Or maybe not) I do know it’s pretty hard for anyone to refuse this treat and it goes great with ice cream!


In fact, a pecan goes with just about anything. White Chocolate, caramel, butterscotch… The pecan is a species of hickory.It is native to Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. The actual name comes from t he Algonquian language and means, a nut that has to be cracked with a stone.


I have to wonder how they figured out that a pecan could even be eaten.  I mean, if they had to use a stone to crack it open who would have thought of doing that? Of course we eat a lot of things that someone had to try first, like snails and squid.  Who looks at something that and goes, “Yum, I think I’ll eat that!”


But we are glad they did because otherwise we couldn’t enjoy recipes like the one we have for you here.


How to celebrate – Enjoy a pecan cookie in whatever style you prefer. Try a pecan coffee drink or ice cream.  Invent your own pecan and whatever cookie.




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