October 1st Homemade Cookie Day

Is there anything more tempting than a house that smells like homemade cookies being baked? Probably not. In fact, many of the candle companies have tried to copy the scent in candles. Air Fresheners are also made to fill the air with the aroma and many coffee creamers are made to both smell like cookies and taste like them.christmas_cookies_plateful

A house that smells like cookies just screams love. You might also hear the screams of children on a sugar rush as they run wild through the house, but still it’s probably worth it.


Sadly, you can’t send homemade cookies to school with your children anymore. They have to be sealed in a package and purchased from a store. All because some weirdos decided to put things in their homemade cookies that shouldn’t have been there. Seems like these days, people can mess up anything and usually do. Maybe you can buy some cookies from the store and a cookie scented candle to let the children enjoy what we all use to know and love. But wait, no, can’t have fire in schools either.cookies-006-1024x656

And you can’t hand out homemade cookies at Halloween anymore, even though they probably are better for the kids than those bags of candy and a lot more fun than those toothbrushes the boring houses hand out. You can, however, invite people into your house to enjoy your cookies and the scent of them cooking.

Baking cookies is truly becoming a lost art. We just don’t seem to have time to bake them. For those of you that still have the time, here are a few recipes for you to show others how you feel.

How to celebrate – Seriously though, if you have the time bake some cookies and share them with those you love (or like a lot). If you can’t make them yourself, set out a tray of store bought cookies and use some cookie scented air freshener to try and fool them.

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