December 28th Pledge of Allegiance Day

December 28th is the Pledge of Allegiance Day for the United States. It’s designed to demonstrate our commitment to our country like saluting the flag. No, it doesn’t seem all that popular anymore and it seems some people constantly complain about our country, but most Americans still have Pride for America.


It is believed that the pledge was written by Francis Bellamy for the Youth Companion sometime in 1892.  Adjustments were made to it in 1923 on National Flag Day and again in 1924. The changes were minor.


Surprisingly, at least to me, it was not adopted until December 28th, 1945. I had always assumed it was much older than that! The term, Under God, was added in 1954 on June 14th. Now of course many are trying to get that removed. Others are trying to get the entire pledge removed.


Maybe it should be voluntary. Maybe it can show us who loves this country and who doesn’t. I frankly don’t know why anyone who doesn’t love this country would even want to stay here. I mean, the only way to know you don’t love something is to find something you do love. So if it’s such a bad place, go where ever you think the world is better….By no means is it perfect. Our kids aren’t perfect, our mate isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect… so to expect a country to be perfect is a little beyond reason. And if you so chose to leave God out of it, that’s fine, you havevthat right. Remember, you live in America where our country gives you the freedom to think what you want, you can even say what you want, but you can’t make me believe it just because you said it.


So celebrate it by saying the pledge, or any portion of it you deem acceptable. Respect it for what it stands for, not what might be in practice in your part of the country, and take a little pride in being an American. I do not see how any of that is going to spoil your day.

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