December 29th Tick Tock Day

Every year we regret the things we should have done, or could have done, but never seem to get around to. Well, you have 2 days left in the year, a chance to finish something you meant to do.

Doesn’t really matter what it is, maybe something as simple as sewing buttons on shirts that are missing them. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and actually get something done that needs to be done at the same time.

Or maybe it’s a little more complicated like painting the house. You can still get it done though you might need a little help. In this case not only will you feel better but your neighbors will as well as you accomplish something before year’s end and make the entire neighborhood look better while doing it!

Maybe you’d like to learn to dance. It will take you more than 2 days but getting started is more than half the battle! You might even find you enjoy doing something you never knew how to do before.

And then there’s always giving the dog a bath. This is more often than not a difficult thing to do, but think how much better both of you will feel. Your dog will eventually get over it, and if they are like most dogs, they will enjoy even more the ability to get dirty all over again.

How to celebrate – Find something you wanted to accomplish before 2017 gets here. Make sure it’s something realistic you can get done though – nothing like rule the world of fly to the moon. Help someone else accomplish something on their bucket list for the year. Take before and after pictures so you’ll have something to remember your accomplishment by.

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