January 24th National Compliment Day

Everyone likes to be paid a compliment. Whether it’s about the way they look, smell, the job they have done, or even their personality. A compliment goes a long way. It sticks with someone all day, sometimes even for several days. Sometimes it even makes someone try harder to repeat the things you have complimented them for.


Egos are very fragile. People need reassurance they are doing the right thing, that they fit the mold society has put before them, and even something as simple as recognition that they have gone out of their way to please you somehow. Someone who is a friend too can be rewarded. Simply telling them they are “A really good friend” tells them they are doing the right things for you.


Letting someone know they are awesome takes so little, and yet it means so much. You do have to be careful though, make sure whatever compliment you are offering is taken in the way you intend it. Don’t let your compliment backfire on you making someone think you are asking for something more than they are offering.


And if you make them blush, then you have hit the bullseye! People can be awesome, and you can be awesome by telling them how much they mean to you. National Compliment Day was founded by Kathy Chamberlain of Hopkinton, New Hampshire, and Debby Hoffman of Concord, New Hampshire, in 1998.

How to celebrate – Pay someone you know a compliment today. Pay someone you don’t know a compliment today. Take any compliments you may receive today as they are intended, don’t read anything more into them.

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