February 23rd Play Tennis Day

Tennis anyone!?! What a great sport, fast paced, tremendous exercise and all that sunshine! I suppose you could play in the rain, or the snow, but it might be an entirely different game then.


Tennis appears to have been invented somewhere around the 12th century, but they played without a racket, using their hand to hit the ball back and forth. The first tennis club was started in England in 1872, perhaps the club house was more entertaining than the sport itself back then. It must have been difficult to play tennis in all those layers of clothing they wore back then.


The game turned into “Lawn Tennis” by the end of the 19th century, probably competing with croquet at the time. By 1908, the current rules for tennis were being written down and formed into the game we know today.


The game started out as “Singles”. Wonder if that meant that it was a great way of dating back in it’s day? After all, isn’t the way one keeps score is love? To play singles it helps to be young, in shape, and enjoying the freedom to play the game the way you want.


After a while, you play doubles… and it’s sort of like being married. Each player must do their job, covering their part of the court, and it involves knowing what your partner can do, and can’t.

How to celebrate – Play a game of tennis. Join a tennis club. Figure out if your “racket” is playing singles or doubles.

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