March 4th National Hug A GI Day

We often think of our soldiers as tough as nails, capable of spending days alone, and requiring nothing but food and water, but in fact, they are humans just like the rest of us. There is nothing more powerful than a hug given at just the right moment.


Soldiers can be tough, they have to be, but even Navy Seals and Army Rangers (and Delta Specialists) melt in the arms of someone they love. And that is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of caring.


So often we only think of hugging someone when something has gone wrong. When they need that human contact to stable their ship or make them feel safe and wanted. The fact is, a hug can give you faith, hope, and cheer, but it doesn’t need to wait for that moment of need, it can come at any time, for any reason, from any one.


It can be a welcome home… a goodbye… an expression of love. It can be a sign of great joy, great sorrow, or a just because moment. So if you know a GI (short for General Issue which every soldier receives when first joining up), offer them a hug for all they do for us. Make sure they know it’s coming though or you might end up on the ground.


How to celebrate – Appreciate what a soldier does for you and me. Don’t forget the veterans who may not wear the uniform anymore but are still soldiers at heart. Send a virtual hug to a soldier over seas.


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