March 26th Make Up Your Own Holiday

Here is the day you have been truly waiting for, a day of your very own. No one can tell you what to celebrate because it’s your day and you make up all the rules. Wow, just go wild and make up anything you want… well go ahead… What’s that? They’ve all been taken?  Bummer… there has to be something left.

download (1)

How about Black Hole Day! Since no one has ever been in a black hole and survived to tell about it it’s the ideal day for you to create. You can make up anything you want and everyone should believe you! Well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people.


Or maybe you can make your holiday about Heaven, someplace we all hope to get to one day… just not today. Well and not everyone. There are those who don’t believe in Heaven, I expect that they will someday be able to celebrate the black hole day you tried to create.


Well, sorry, I can’t be of much help here cause if I make it up, then it’s my day, not yours! Apparently it was created by the Wellness Permission League… but no one can find out anything about them so maybe you could create that day!

How to celebrate – Ah, hello, this is where you come in. Make sure you make it fun for everyone. And try not to offend anybody (Good luck there) as you determine what they will be celebrating today.

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