March 31st National Bunsen Burner Day

I remember my days back in high school and the science lab. There are really only two things I remember about the science lab. The first was that I was paired up with the prettiest girl in the entire school and the second was the Bunsen burner. Talk about your win-win!


German chemist Robert Willhelm Eberhard von Bunsen created the Bunsen burner and today happens to be his birthday.  His invention came in 1811 as scientific exploration blazed forward, in his case, literally.


The Bunsen burner combines gas and air to create a very hot flame.  The flame is used to heat up chemicals, normally in a test tube, to blend them together causing a chemical reaction. It’s also great for warming hot dogs. You may now understand why I did not do all that well in science during my high school years.


I understand giving scientist open flame to work with, they need it… however the idea of giving students flame and chemicals may not be the best idea in the world. Oh well, live and learn.


How to celebrate – Buy a Bunsen burner for your home. You never know when it might come in handy. If you have a child in high school, keep track of how many times something gets blown up in the school over the course of  year. Conduct your own experiments and find out what blows up and what does!

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