April 30th Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Well today is the day to appreciate the hairstyle you have, and those around you. Some, however, may take a bit of getting use to.


Now we all want to be attractive to someone. To some it may consist of looking like what we might consider normal, to others it’s standing out in some fashion or the other. Wearing different looking clothes doesn’t really stand-out all that much anymore. So how else can you get someone’s attention? Why not change your hair, it’s almost sure to get you noticed.


I mean, wearing something that looks like a giant lizard is sitting on your head is one way to do it. It does say something about your personality and maybe even your character. Some will think it’s really cool while others will cross the street to try and avoid you.


There’s also that Statue of Liberty look that shows your patriotism, and maybe insanity.  You also have to be careful not to put out someone’s eye walking to close to you.  The nice thing about this “do” is that you can easily clean those ceiling fan blades without having to get any tools or ladders.

Crazy hairstyle

Of course, most of us just horse around with our hair. Trying different things until we find something that works for us.

How to celebrate – Create your own unusual hairstyle today. Go to beauty school to learn how to fashion hair.  Buy a bunch of wigs and see how long you can fool people.

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