May 3rd National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

I don’t see what’s so unusual about this day. I wear two different colored shoes a lot, not on purpose of course but none-the-less, there they are on my feet long after I can do anything about it.


The day was created by Dr. Arlene Kaiser as a way to show, or shoe, human diversity. It allows us to show we are not all alike and often dance to a different tune. And that’s okay because life would be boring if everybody was the same.

images (3)

It allows us to show our lighter side and our darker side without ever having to say a word. It also lets us know how people really notice us. I wonder how long you could wear a non-matching pair of shoes before someone would notice?


From what I am seeing, the idea is to have the same shoe but in two different colors. If you have to, you can use two different styles as well but it is not as effective. It might also make you walk a little funny, which could be good for drawing attention to yourself. It also might help you realize how Cinderella felt when she lost one glass slipper.

download (1)

Always stand out and be different, if not for yourself, for those around you. Making life fun for everyone is a big part of being human.

How to celebrate – Wear two different color shoes today. Look for those wearing two different colored shoes today. Find your own way of expressing your personality.

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