June 3rd National Trails Day

Whether you like to hike, ride a bike, go by horseback, do a little bird watching or do geocaching today is the day to enjoy yourself on a trail of some sort. Trails generally start somewhere (Well they all start somewhere) and lead to something someone wanted to see or do. It could be important, or not so important, but following it you will get to where the original person(s) wanted to be.


Now if you don’t know what a geocache is don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. Or then again, maybe I am the last to know since that seems to happen a lot to me. A geocache is sort of like a giant treasure hunt all over the world. Someone plants a cache somewhere in the world and then programs it into a site where you can use your GPS device to find it. You either can take something to prove you have found it or leave something so that the next adventurer can see who has already been there.


There are significant trails trails that people have followed during the history of the US. The Oregon trail is one of the most famous. It helped people spread out across out nation and populate the west. You can still follow that trail if you like but plan on being gone for more than the day, oh… and you may want to take a car, or covered wagon or helicopter.


There are also famous trails that aren’t so happy, like the Trail of Tears that forced the real Americans west to give settlers land they really didn’t deserve. Not preaching here… but a lot of good people died because we Europeans did not want them where they were.


But back to Happy Trails… (Get that, the old cowboys song) there are many trails to follow all over the US. They don’t have to be long trails, maybe it’s just a trail to your favorite ice cream shop but so long as it goes through the wilderness, a yard with tall grass, it counts. I don’t think walking around the food court at your local mall works though.

How to celebrate – Get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Find a local trail you can follow, it will give you a sense of accomplishment to reach the end of it. Cut your own trail, through you backyard to your neighbors yard.


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