June 4th National Old Maids Day

We all know what an old maid is, though I suppose it is not politically anymore it has stayed with us since it first came into use. in the old days, back even before I was born, women were generally married by the age of sixteen, sometimes even younger. Of course the average life span back then was only 30 so at 16 they had already lived half of their life!


The actual term though came right after World War 2 ended in 1946. Many soldiers were still stationed in Europe and some women had been waiting four years for their loved ones to come home. Since they were past the age they would normally have married at, they were considered old maids.


Now don’t blame me for the term, or the day, I had nothing to do with either. In fact many women had learned skills that no longer required them to have a man in their lives to survive.  They might still have been considered an old maid but they really didn’t care.

images (3)

In fact, they even made a card game out of it where the object is not to get stuck with the old maid. Perhaps today it would be better to say whoever ends up with the old maid card is the winner!

download (2)

I know whenever I think of an old maid, I think of a well rounded, educated and playful woman who, though perhaps aged like a fine wine, just keeps getting better and better. (Did I get that right?)

How to celebrate – Think of all the “Old Maids” you have ever heard of in history. (I’ll bet every one of them is famous!) Play a game of Old Maid with your kids! (Who ever ends up with the old maid card wins!) Start a petition to change the term to “well seasoned woman”.

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