June 10th National Iced Tea Day

Today is National Iced Tea Day, just in time for summer. It is a little healthier than most of the other drinks people have to cool down with and it makes the East India Tea Company happy!

National-Long-Island-Iced-Tea-Day (1)

Now tea has been around for nearly as long as man can remember. It was used for both medicinal purposes and as a hot drink during the Middle Ages and pretty much remained that way until 1904. Richard Blechynden, and English Tea Plantation owner, brought his usual hot tea to the St. Louis World’s Fair. The problem was it was so hot outside that no one wanted to have a hot drink. So on June 10th he decided to cool his tea down by adding ice to it and it became an instant hit.


Drinking tea in general has been recognized as a way to avoid heart disease, cancer and tumors, calm stomach ailments, sooth sore throats and colds and has a calming and relaxing agent in it.

download (1)

Apparently having an Iced Tea Day was such a good idea that June has been named as Iced Tea month! Even more of a reason to have some iced tea

How to celebrate – Fix a pitcher of Iced Tea so you can enjoy it all day. Swap out that soda you were going to have for an Iced Tea instead. Throw an Iced Tea party to try different flavors of tea and additives to your Iced Tea.

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