June 30th National Meteor Watch Day

If you love to sky watch, tonight you’ll have something to watch for. It’s National Meteor Watch Day. A meteor occurs when space matter comes in contact with the earth’s atmosphere and becomes incandescent as it burns up, hopefully before reaching the surface.

The best time for watching meteors is actually in August when the Perseid Meteor Shower occurs.

But since they have put the holiday in June, you need to start watching them tonight! Te good thing, or the bad, as Deeda from Canada reports, a meteor exploded in the sky on June 30th, 1908 over Siberia. It tore down trees and knocked out people as far as forty miles away. That was a shower you didn’t want to take!


Though we call them shooting stars, a meteor is not actually a star. It is space matter, mainly small rocks that have broken away from a planet or star. They hurl themselves through space, very few actually reaching earth.


That’s why so often you find a “shower” as explosions occur and send dozens of these small rocks through space. Some are larger and actually do reach the earth’s surface. It is said that if a large enough one should hit the earth, it might tip the axis we spin on. Lets hope that that does not happen in any of our lifetimes.

How to celebrate – If the night is clear, sit outside tonight and watch for meteorites. Make sure you make a wish on the ones you see! For a better view, set up a telescope. Take a camera and film what you see.

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