June 20th National Ice Cream Soda Day

Seems like there are a lot of things developed for our refreshment during the summer months. In some cases it is really needed. At least Robert McCay Green needed it in 1874 when he ran out of ice to cool down his customers in Philadelphia, Pa.. There was a convention taking place in Philadelphia and Green was getting a lot of customers but he ran out of ice. Now hot soda is hot soda and doesn’t sell all that well so in order to keep the soda cold he added the only thing he had handy to cool them down, and that was ice cream.


Now others have claimed to be the first to add ice cream to their sodas but this sounds the most convincing. The nice thing about the ice cream soda, or ice cream float as it was better known then, is that it can use any flavor soda and any flavor ice cream. For example, in the UK, the most popular ice cream soda is made with Coke!


But there is little doubt that in America A & W Root Beer made the most popular ice cream soda. Root Beer soda and vanilla ice cream, better known as a “Black Cow”.


But if you don’t like root beer, or you don’t like vanilla ice cream it is perfectly acceptable for you to make it out of anything you like. Cherry ice cream and Cream Soda, Chocolate ice cream and coffee soda, Strawberry ice cream and Mountain Dew. It’s your choice, cool down and enjoy yourself on any hot summer day.

How to celebrate – Fix yourself an ice cream float. Throw and ice cream float party. Experiment with different sodas and different ice creams until you find your very favorite. Then find a good name for it!

June 19th World Sauntering Day

So what is sauntering. It’s not running, it’s not strolling, it’s not jogging… it’s walking, but not exactly. It’s putting your life in stride and letting your walk follow. Some people use big steps, some small, some almost skip, but once you have begun sauntering, you’ll never go back.


It’s walking but with style and whether you are headed somewhere or just out for a stroll, it sets your gait to a beat, a beat inside your head that only you can hear. No two people saunter exactly alike and that’s the way it should be.


You can saunter by yourself, or with a crowd. You can saunter at the mall, school or even in church. It’s all in your frame of mind. It was started by W. T. Rabe on Mackinac Island. He was a Public Relations Director for a hotel back in the 1970’s. He created the day and his style of sauntering as a publicity stunt but it stuck.


You must be conscious of your sauntering until it comes as second nature to you. You need to look just as good walking away as you do approaching. And you never know who may be watching so you can’t let up.


And soon you will be sauntering without even knowing it. And you will be cool, whether you really are or not.

How to celebrate – Begin creating your own sauntering style. Try and figure little things you can do to make your saunter even more unique. Pick out your sauntering song and learn it well so it will never leave you.

June 18th Father’s Day

I am not qualified to talk about your father, or any one’s father, other than my own. I literally owe him everything. He made me who I am, both the good and the bad, and though I have not always agreed with him I have always trusted him and loved him without condition, just as he has me.

He taught me things I did not even know he taught me. (Very possibly he didn’t know either!) He has always surprised me with the littlest of items but ones that have meant the most to me. Anyone can give you a gift, anyone can spend money on you and you will appreciate it but only a few people can give you things you cannot buy anywhere.

We take them for granted. They are sort meant to be that way. Dads do not want credit or awards, they just want their children to grow up happy and contribute something to life. That might sound a little odd but as I get older I understand what that means. Living without giving anything, participating in life is not living at all, it is existing. And dads don’t just want their children to exist.

My father spent his younger years as a farmer, growing things and working hard. As a child he made his children work in the fields, not doing anything hard, but doing something to contribute. At the time I hated every second of it, but now they are some of the fondest memories I have. It makes me think he knew that all along.

So here’s to my father, and I hope to all of yours. He is the greatest man I have ever known and I hope he realizes that, though I bet he would disagree. It’s what we hold in our hearts that matters and in mine, my dad will always be my hero, my mentor and… well… my dad.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your father or any other person you consider a father figure today, or more importantly let him enjoy you. Don’t give your dad a tie, he already has enough! Think of a gift that will mean something to him, more than just spending money make it something worthwhile.

June 17th World Juggler’s Day

Juggling has been around since man can remember. Cavemen probably juggled dinosaur eggs as they ran from the nest they took them from (what else did they have to do, they had no internet). Kings and Queens in the Medieval times were highly entertained by juggling, if for no other reason than if the juggler wasn’t all that good, they could put them to death.


According to James Reid, a professional juggler, The International Jugglers Association (IJA) founded World Juggler’s day, always the Saturday closest to June 17th, in the 1980’s. There is also an International Juggler’s Day in April but that’s to be expected, since they have to juggle the days they celebrate (wink).


Today jugglers are associated most with the circus and birthday parties. A good juggler can juggler up to ten items at one time. Those items can be balls, clubs, swords, rings, flaming sticks, plates, chainsaws, jobs, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives… well you get the idea. This explains why I am not a good juggler because I have a hard enough time with one item at a time.


It’s really all just a matter of concentration, good eye sight, soft hands, good balance, years of practice, being bored out of your mind and having nothing better to do, shopping with kids, a natural desire to show off… and so on.


How to celebrate – Buy a book on juggling and learn how to juggle. Go to a Medieval festival and watch the jugglers.  Try and balance your checkbook.

June 16th Fresh Veggie Day

Just look at the color of a table filled with fresh veggies and you are instantly transformed into, at least a momentary, vegetarian. All the senses are filled, color, scent, touch… okay maybe not hearing unless these vegetables speak to you.


I think one of the reasons vegetables are so colorful is because they want you to eat them. If not, they rot and become ugly, but when they are fresh they are more inviting than nearly any other food available to man. (Fruit is right up there too)


Not only are vegetables pleasant to look at and smell good, they are good for you too! Anything that is that beautiful outside has to make you beautiful on the inside. I don’t know if you have ever had a garden where you grow your own food but I can tell you, there is nothing as thrilling as seeing your plants come up and grow into something that you can eat. It doubles the pleasure.


The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” I think can be applied to eating vegetables as well. They are filled with vitamins and antioxidants to not only make you healthier but also leave you healthier.


How to celebrate – Have a plate of vegetables today instead of yoiur normal lunch. Plant a garden. Go to the fresh foods market and see what they have to offer.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

There is no more powerful tool in the world than a smile. There are times it can be worth a million dollars and times when it can melt a heart. Use it wisely and  it can be your best weapon in an arsenal to tame the world.

smile (1)

Smiling is contagious. When someone is smiling at you it is very difficult not to smile back. It can in fact add years to your life! It can change others moods and ultimately make you a happier person yourself.


Even animals smile. I am not sure that they mean to but they do. Their smiles improve your relationship them just as yours improves relationships with other people. I believe even animals can relate to a smile. They seem to know when you are happy and they want to be a part of that mood as well. I am sure it gives them additional life as well.


I’ve never known of a person who was worse off for smiling. Sure, there are times when it gets tough to smile, things are bound to upset you, but if you can smile through the toughest times just think how much better those times will be for you, and all those around you.

images (4)

And there is simply nothing that makes a person more beautiful than smiling. A smiler’s face always lights up, brightening the entire room. A room filled with smiling people is bound to make your day better.

How to celebrate – Start everybody’s day off the right way by giving them a smile. If you own a business insist all your employees great everyone with a smile, your sales will go up!  Smile for the one you love.

June 14th Flag Day

It’s sad these days when so many communities find flying the American flag offensive. That it upsets those who have come here from different nations and makes them feel left out. Maybe we should ban Oreos since they didn’t have those either, or how about shoes since they may have gone barefoot or maybe we should get rid of food and voting and freedom and peace since they didn’t have any of that!


Why is it okay for other countries to fly their flag on our land but we can’t fly it in our own yards!?! It is the symbol of freedom, something every other country in the world strives for but seldom attains. I am not sure when or where it became popular to take down the American flag and replace it with any other flag. The American flag is what gives you the right to fly any flag… lose Old Glory and you lose every other flag you want to fly. Of course they should always fly below the American flag, sort of like you don’t add more gravy and then put mashed potatoes over the gravy.

images (3)

The story goes that Betsy Ross made the first flag and presented it to George Washington. We are finding that this is probably a myth. It seems it was the combination of several people including George Washington himself.


And many have died defending the flag. To ignore the flag is to ignore their efforts. However, if you are brave enough to fly the flag there are a few things you should know. Always put up the flag at sunrise quickly, lowering it at sunset slowly. The flag is never to be flown at night unless there is a light shining on it. It should not be flown in rain or bad weather. If an event happens that causes you to put your flag at half staff, a death or tragic event, it should remain at half staff for 30 days. The flag should never touch the ground. When a flag gets old or tattered it should either be burned or buried, never thrown in a trash can.


Stop being ashamed of the best country in the world! Fly your flag proudly.

How to celebrate – Fly your flag accordingly. If you don’t have a flag, buy one! Stop listening to those who tell you flying the flag is wrong. It is the symbol of our country, a country to be very, very proud of.

June 13th National Sewing Machine Day

Today we celebrate the invention of the sewing machine. Unfortunately, no one really knows why today is the day but that doesn’t really make any difference, just accept it. But what an invention it was, and it continues to evolve today.


Modern day sewing machines are a lot different than the original ones. They practically do everything themselves and even make you a cup of coffee while you wait. It hasn’t always been that way though. The early models were powered by humans since they came before electric.


The first patent came in 1755, being awarded to one Charles Federick Wiesenthal. It was a very basic model. Englishman Thomas Saint madel one a little more practical in 1790. France claims a model as early as 1830 and John Fisher made the first including all the parts of the other models in 1844. Elias Howe claimed the first patent in the US in 1846.


Josef Madersperger, Barthelemy Thimonnier, and Walter Hunt also lay claim to patents for the modern day sewing machine. I guess we owe them all a lot since so many seem to have had a hand in providing us with the modern day sewing machine. It is said, “A stitch in time saves nine” meaning that one stitch sewed the right way will save nine being made to cover up faulty work.


How to celebrate – If you have a sewing machine, use it today! If you don’t have a sewing machine, buy one so that you can save those nine stitches in the future. Give a thanks out to the seamtresses that make our lives so much better.

June 12th Superman Day

Superman Day June 12th, 2017


One of the most beloved characters of comic book history is Superman, created by Jerry Siegel (The writer) and Joe Shuster (The artist) in Cleveland, Ohio in 1933. They sold their concept to DC comics in 1938 in time for Action Comics issue #1.


Superman was born on Kal-El, a planet made of Krypton making all the people their normal for their planet. When their world was ending because of war, Superman’s father sent him in a rocket to earth so at least one from the planet could survive.


On earth, Superman (Better known as Clark Kent) had powers beyond the imagination and was only vulnerable to Kryptonite which made him once again no more powerful than a normal human. The “Man of Steel” lives on today in comics, film and television.


How to celebrate – Watch a Superman movie. Buy a Superman outfit and wear it out in public. Try and find some original comics, they are worth a small fortune.

Press Release: Unboxing the Bizarre™ Party All Night Box

logowhite Unboxing the Bizarre™ Party All Night Press Release

For Release: June 12 00:01 EST


Olbert Enterprises, LLC is excited to announce the addition of a new box to our Unboxing the Bizarre Franchise. The Party All Night Box, will be a true party-in-a-box based on one offbeat holiday every month. The box will include everything you need to decorate a room and items to help celebrate the wacky event, with an option to add-on other party items such as partyware (plates, napkins, cups), invitations, thank-you cards, goody bags, piñatas, and photo stand-ups. The informational insert will have trivia about the day as well as suggestions for food, fun, and games.

What better way to celebrate with friends, co-workers, or families – be surprised every month with a new wild, wacky, and crazy theme.

So if you like to party, need a reason to celebrate, or just like to decorate (especially that boring cubicle) – this box is for you.

The Party All Night Box will officially launch on June 15. For more information on the box or any of our other boxes, visit  Unboxing the Bizarre.

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