September 12th National Chocolate Milk Shake Day

Ah, a refreshing treat no matter what time of year it is, the chocolate milk shake. Today is your day to celebrate with a chocolate milk shake, forget vanilla, forget strawberry… today it is chocolate or nothing! I can’t even imagine the milk shakes before chocolate was discovered. Plain old vanilla probably, boring! (Actually, apparently they had chocolate before milk shakes!)

Milkshake II

But when the milks shake came along I’ll bet one of the first flavorings they added was chocolate! naturally it was difficult to find that chocolate cow to give us the chocolate milk, but once they found it, the world was the limit!


Of course today we have to complicate it. Instead of just plain chocolate, which is pretty good on it’s own, we can do nearly any flavoring added to the chocolate. Say, you feel like a German chocolate cake flavored milk shake… no problem! There’s dark chocolate, triple chocolate, chocolate with various kinds of candy mixed into it like Reese’s, or Hershey, or Snickers, or Milky Way… you find it, they can blend it in!


And if you really want to confuse somebody, serve them a white chocolate milk shake, telling them its plain vanilla, and watch their faces light up! (Unless of course they are allergic to chocolate which might make something else light up!)


And if you want to stay up all night why not have a coffee flavored chocolate milk shake!?! You can even add booze if you like to make it a potent chocolate milk shake! Ah the choices. There are so many it might actually make you choose strawberry instead! But you are better off if you have nothing more than just a plain Chocolate milk shake.

How to celebrate – Hey, here’s an idea! have a chocolate milk shake! See if you can invent a new flavor, keeping in mind it must include chocolate. Buy a chocolate milk shake for you and your best friend and enjoy sucking up!

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