September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

If you like cherries, cognac (or Brandy) and vanilla ice cream you should like cherries jubilee. It is the perfect ending to a perfect meal or maybe you can pass on the meal and just have the dessert.

download (1)

All you need are cherries, cognac and vanilla ice cream… oh, and a match. Then stand back and let the fire do it’s thing. (You might want to make sure you have placed the cherries in a bowl that can withstand fire.)


Chef Auguste Escoffier created the dish in honor of Queen Victoria’s 50 (1887) year of being the monarch of the UK. It needed t be something spectacular and Escoffier was known for making spectacular dishes. One he was already noted for where his eggs scrambled and cooked in champagne. (Are we catching a theme here?)


Now I honestly do not know too much about Queen Victoria but she does appear to need a little cheering up. If the cherries didn’t do and the ice cream didn’t do it surely the cognac would. Since then cherries jubilee has been on the finest restuarants dining tables.


I suppose you can use any cherry, Bing would be my choice. But then I love just about anything made with cherries. If you do not care for cherries, you might try blackberries or raspberries. But be careful, that might anger the Queen.

How to celebrate – Fix some cherries jubilee for your family after a peanut butter and jelly supper.  (They should be confused) See if you can add anything to the recipe to make a slightly different cherries jubilee. If all else fails, forget the cherries and ice cream and enjoy a nice glass of cognac.

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