January 31st National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Art affects every one of us no matter what you may think. It doesn’t have to be appreciated as one might think. Picasso for some is outstanding, for others they look at the work and don’t get it at all. Even a can of beer has artwork on it designed to make you want to drink it.


Certain colors heighten our awareness and inspire emotions, a true artist knows this when creating their work of art. You don’t want to use reds if you want to inspire peace, you do not use pastels if you want to create anger. If you are selling beer in America use red, white, and blue, in Italy it is better to use red, white, and green.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And no one can tell you what you see as what is good and what is not. If you enjoy it, it is good, if you don’t (for you) it is bad. It’s as simple as that. It truly is what’s in your heart.


In the world today we spend so much time trying to impress others by what we think in accordance with what they think. We have to like a piece of art (or anything else) because they like it and admire it. We think that if we don’t like something and they do that it will influence their opinions of us. Maybe it will, but it shouldn’t.


So go to an art show and admire what you like, what moves you, and hold to your honest opinion whether it makes friends or loses friends. It is your heart that needs to be filled with joy before you can even worry about sharing it with someone else.

How to celebrate – Go to an art show. Stick up for what you like! Give a piece of art your full attention at least once before determining your final thoughts on it.

January 30th National Inane Answering Message Day

Does anybody even have answering machines anymore? Does anyone have a regular phone (or a landline) anymore? And why did Wellcat.com copyright the day? These are all questions that make you think (maybe not too long but still make you think).


Inane means something foolish or that doesn’t make sense so if you leave an inane message it’s supposed to be something to either make someone laugh or think they have reached the wrong number. But since nearly everybody is using cell phones these days it tells you who you are calling or who is calling you. So the surprise is sort of pointless.


Now, I am old enough to remember answering machines, and at one time the idea of leaving a inane message was sort of cool and almost always funny. I even remember making calls and wondering if I had reached who I was trying to call. Today, maybe not so much.

images (3)

Well if you really have nothing better to do, go ahead and find an answering machine (ia  you can) and make an inane message, or you can do it on your cell phone but you won’t really be fooling anybody. In fact, it’s sort of inane to even create an inane message.

How to celebrate – Create a truly mesmerizing inane answering machine message. Create an app that answers the message exactly as acaller would sound (making the person think they are calling themselves). Just answer the phone.

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Do you remember those summer vacation days from school where you and your friends would sit around the dining room table and put a puzzle together? I do, of course I grew up on a farm and the cows weren’t really all that helpful.


Now if you were as lucky as I normally was, you would open the brand new box and put the puzzle together to find it was missing a piece or two. That was always fun. But I do remember putting together the ones that were complete and the sense of accomplishment that it was done.

images (2)

Over the years puzzles have become more and more complicated, sometimes taking children out of the process entirely. (And taking up the dining room table for a month or more!)


And puzzles put together and then glued and finished with a coat of varnish make for a great wall covering or even flooring of a game room! Not only do they brighten up the room but they remind you of something you accomplished!

images (1)

So gather up your friends and get to work! There are a lot of interesting choice for puzzles these days and think of much more you’ll know about each other after hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours of sitting there putting it together.

How to celebrate – Go find a puzzle that interests you. Get the whole family together to put your puzzle together. Make your own puzzle from the blank ones available where you can place any picture on it you like.



January 28, 2018 National Fun at Work Day

Well we are a day late but along with the fun instrument known as a kazoo that was celebrated on the 28th (yesterday) it was also National Fun at Work Day! If you subscribed to our Original Holiday or Mini Holiday Trial Boxes, we hope you had a fabulously fun day celebrating with your Willy Wonka Tin Recipe Sign!


Read on for more about the day…

January 28th National Fun at Work Day

Every day we head out to the same old place doing the same old things we call work. Well, maybe if we tried having a little fun it wouldn’t seem so much like work! Most of us find a decent relationship with those we work with, hopefully even with what we do, so making it fun for yourself, and those around you, will make the day go even faster. You’ll find you get more out of a fun environment than a grumpy one.

How to celebrate – Take a cake in today for no reason at all. Organize fun events for the day. Let everyone you work with know you care.

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January 28th National Kazoo Day

If there is one musical instrument that anybody can play, it’s the kazoo. If you can hum, you can play and in most cases you don;t even have to be in tune. You might think that it is such a simple musical instrument it would be very, very old. Well it is old, but not all that ancient.


Alabama Vest dreamed up the idea of the kazoo but was not capable to making the instrument themselves so they went to clock maker Thaddeus Von Clegg who crafted the instrument in the 1840’s. You can just imagine twenty years later how scary the idea might have been if a 50,000 man army during the Civil War all marched into battle playing a kazoo. Well, scary might not be exactly the word I am searching for.


The kazoo was commercially manufactured beginning in 1912 when Emil Sorg began producing the instrument in Western New York. While most of us are familiar with the simple plastic kazoo we find in any novelty store but the metal ones, like those made before plastics, have the better tonal quality and there are even semi-professional kazoos that are made from the highest quality materials.


Of course, most of us are content with the simpler version we can buy cheaply, easily and requires no real talent to play. The idea of the kazoo is to just have fun. You don’t need to spend years learning to play it and it ideal to share in a group.


How to celebrate – Go get a kazoo! Start a kazoo band with your family and friends. Try playing a kazoo in a crowded elevator and see what reaction you get.

January 27th Punch the Clock Day

I doubt many of us remember punching the time clock at work. I always hated it because if you were a minute early you got no credit for it and if you were a minute late you got penalized. It was always a rush to the clock and if there was a line, you were in trouble.


A clock doesn’t lie, people, however, do. This was the single item that kept us all honest about when we really got to work, and when we really left. Of course, if we forgot to punch in, or forgot to punch out, we often lost the day of work completely.


I haven’t seen a time clock used in years, I suppose somewhere they are still in use. It seemed like even in my day that they were prevalent at factories or places where a certain amount of production was expected in a certain amount of time. Of course, since those days of the dinosaurs most companies have figured out incentives work better than clocks.


If you go back far enough even our cartoons had their characters using a time clock. It was funny back then because most people knew what a time clock was. It also taught the kids what they had to look forward to.


Well, I hear by the siren that it’s time for me to go. Don’t forget to punch the clock on your way out!

How to celebrate  – Get a time clock to decorate your house! If you are still using a time clock at work find a job that has moved on to the 21st century. Put your kids on the time clock for their home.

January 26th National Spouse’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate our better half. You know, the one that puts up with everything we do wrong and hopefully still loves us the same for it. No one seems to know who created the day but I have a feeling it was someone in the dog house who wanted to find a great way of redeeming themselves. It also warms us up for Valentine’s Day.


From the moment you say I do you instantly begin saying… I should have, I won’t do it again, I’m sorry… and a lot of other things that you know you should have done differently, but for some unknown reason you didn’t.  But in the name of love, you put up with it and carry on, sometimes when you don’t even know what it is that you did that you shouldn’t have done.


None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes that we regret and need forgiveness from. The difference is, a spouse generally forgives us when others would not (though admittedly that is not always the case). We try to recognize our faults and correct them where we can, or learn to live with them if we can’t.


The main thing to remember is, that you love them, and life would be very difficult to live without them. Today goes deeper than a box of candy or a vase of flowers, today is a day of understanding someone’s faults and saying, they are still worth my effort to forgive them.

How to celebrate – Do something nice for your spouse. Write out a list of those things you have to be grateful to your spouse for. Think of the other person in your relationship before you think about yourself.

January 25th National Opposite Day

I always look forward to this day. It is always so fun to try and figure out what people mean on Opposite Day. There are several Opposite Days during the year – Oh joy! This is the first for 2018.


It does make you think, no really, I don’t mean the opposite, or else I would have said it’s a day you don’t have to think about anything. At one time I did work in a school and it drove me sane (in this case meaning the opposite :)) You can clearly see how this goes, it never ends.

images (1)

So if you say ‘ I Love You’ then you mean ‘I hate you’, if you say ‘Hello’ then you are actually saying ‘good-bye’ and if you say ‘Yes’ you are actually saying ‘No’….And so it goes….That’s why I love this day so much.


Some say it started in “Alice In Wonderland”. It is mentioned in the novel, dating back to the 1800’s. Others claim it started in the 1920’s, with President Grover Cleveland, because he never said what he meant. It seems to have become official in 2000. But does that mean it really didn’t become offical in 2000? Oh who cares!


How to celebrate – Do whatever you want but make sure you don’t hurt anybody today by saying something you don’t really mean. Remember there are times when confusing people can be fun but normally, it’s not. Wear your underwear over your clothing (just make sure you washed it first.)

January 24th Beer Can Appreciation Day

For years we have appreciated what the beer can contains but beyond impressing our friends with the way we can crush the can, we have not appreciated the can itself. If you think about it, some artist had to design the can and set up the machines that print them, paint them, or whatever it is they do to the can itself.


The first beer can came out in 1935, on January 24th as legend tells us. These cans have been guzzled, crushed, and recycled ever since (of course many of them never make to the recycling container, or even the trash for that matter).

Brewhouse img3

There have even been those who have made walls of beers cans, decorated their homes with beer cans, and in at least one case thar I know of, built their house out of beers cans. That’s a lot of beer! Although I have known some beer drinkers that the amount required is only one sitting.


Of course you can use them for simple decoration as well. There is nothing like walking into a home decorated with beer cans. It just speaks to you. I’ve never really been sure about what it is saying but it does say something. And before discarding all those beer cans you have saved up over the years you may want to check them out on ebay. Some are worth a lot of money to collectors. So, STOP CRUSHING THEM!


How to celebrate – Have a beer, but save the can. Start your own beer can collection. Appreciate the can!

January 23rd National Handwriting Day

The art of writing is slowly but surely disappearing today. Giving away some of my age, I remember getting letters in the mail, notes at school and that occasional love letter that came from the heart (not that I ever got many of them). Today everything is email or texting, and in most cases, words are not even spelled out.

images (2)

There is something about getting mail or a note in someones own handwriting. Provided, of course, that you can read that handwriting. I fear that since it is so seldom used anymore we won’t be able to write anything on our own. At least then I will be in the norm since no one could ever read my handwriting anyway.


We use to call it penmanship. Now, even 2 year olds know the keyboard better than they know how to write. Go ahead, ask someone for a pen or pencil on the street, you probably won’t find one. I used to carry a pen with me all the time, I don’t bother anymore.


It’s also nice to get a Holiday card or a Get Well Soon card when you are sick.


Today was created by the Writing Instrument Manufactures Association (WIMA) in 1977 back when we still wrote to each other. They chose today because it’s John Hancock’s birthday and who represented handwriting better than John Hancock! Naturally, they hope to sell a few more pens, pencils, and stationary by creating the day.

How to celebrate – Write a letter to someone today. Hold a penmanship contest in your own family. Go out and buy a box of pencils and some cool stationery.