January 22nd National Blonde Brownie Day

Today is another of those very important bizarre holidays, it’s National Blonde Brownie Day! You probably have gone through most of your life wondering why you had to have brown brownies. Disappointed, you continued to eat the brown brownie all the while wishing you had an option… well now you do!


Life is so much better having choices and maybe we can finally get an answer to that age old question, do blondes really have more fun!?! Well, I am not sure you will get that answer from a brownie but it’s worth the effort to try. With each bite you can wait for the answer while washing down that brownie with a cold glass of milk.


Now don’t go nuts trying to figure it out, although nuts might make your blonde brownie even better. If you aren’t exactly sure what a blonde brownie is, here’s a recipe for you. Isn’t a blonde brownie a little bit of a contradiction in terms though? And with all the varieties of food coloring these days can’t you really have any color brownie you set your mind to!?!


How to celebrate – Have a brownie today, make sure it’s a blonde one though. Make a regular brownie and a blonde one and see which disappears quicker.  Use food coloring to make your blonde brownie whatever color you choose.


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