January 23rd National Handwriting Day

The art of writing is slowly but surely disappearing today. Giving away some of my age, I remember getting letters in the mail, notes at school and that occasional love letter that came from the heart (not that I ever got many of them). Today everything is email or texting, and in most cases, words are not even spelled out.

images (2)

There is something about getting mail or a note in someones own handwriting. Provided, of course, that you can read that handwriting. I fear that since it is so seldom used anymore we won’t be able to write anything on our own. At least then I will be in the norm since no one could ever read my handwriting anyway.


We use to call it penmanship. Now, even 2 year olds know the keyboard better than they know how to write. Go ahead, ask someone for a pen or pencil on the street, you probably won’t find one. I used to carry a pen with me all the time, I don’t bother anymore.


It’s also nice to get a Holiday card or a Get Well Soon card when you are sick.


Today was created by the Writing Instrument Manufactures Association (WIMA) in 1977 back when we still wrote to each other. They chose today because it’s John Hancock’s birthday and who represented handwriting better than John Hancock! Naturally, they hope to sell a few more pens, pencils, and stationary by creating the day.

How to celebrate – Write a letter to someone today. Hold a penmanship contest in your own family. Go out and buy a box of pencils and some cool stationery.


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