January 31st National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Art affects every one of us no matter what you may think. It doesn’t have to be appreciated as one might think. Picasso for some is outstanding, for others they look at the work and don’t get it at all. Even a can of beer has artwork on it designed to make you want to drink it.


Certain colors heighten our awareness and inspire emotions, a true artist knows this when creating their work of art. You don’t want to use reds if you want to inspire peace, you do not use pastels if you want to create anger. If you are selling beer in America use red, white, and blue, in Italy it is better to use red, white, and green.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And no one can tell you what you see as what is good and what is not. If you enjoy it, it is good, if you don’t (for you) it is bad. It’s as simple as that. It truly is what’s in your heart.


In the world today we spend so much time trying to impress others by what we think in accordance with what they think. We have to like a piece of art (or anything else) because they like it and admire it. We think that if we don’t like something and they do that it will influence their opinions of us. Maybe it will, but it shouldn’t.


So go to an art show and admire what you like, what moves you, and hold to your honest opinion whether it makes friends or loses friends. It is your heart that needs to be filled with joy before you can even worry about sharing it with someone else.

How to celebrate – Go to an art show. Stick up for what you like! Give a piece of art your full attention at least once before determining your final thoughts on it.


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