April 7th National Beer Day

Do you remember prohibition? Well, you’ve probably heard of it but didn’t live through it. No alcoholic drinks were allow in America, anywhere. In Europe the beer is safer to drink than the water! Maybe that’s why you don’t see them banning beer, ever.

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By 1933 American’s had had it. Fortunately so had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a man named Cullen, and a man named Harrison. In March, 1933 the Cullen-Harrison act brought beer out of the dark ages in America and allowed Americans to enjoy one of their favorite pass times, drinking beer. The new law went into effect April 7th, 1933. April 6th was considered New Beer’s Eve as people lined up to get their beer, legally.


The next day, 1.5 million barrels of beer and ale were consumed. Oddly now, some 80 years later, all of the large American beer companies are owned by foreign countries. Now we only have small breweries making it a craft industry. In the future, we may have set up our own type of prohibition.

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But not today. I do believe that drinking beer is an acquired taste. Most are rather bitter, to me, and do little to quench my thirst. However, I think most would disagree with me as they still buy beers in the millions, if not billions, of various containers.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a beer. Try several new types of beer to see if you can find one you like better than another. Don’t drive and drink.

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