May 7th Great Lakes Awareness Day

Unless you live in northern United States or southern Canada you may not be aware of today, it’s Great Lakes Awareness Day. It always comes on the first Monday of the first full week of May. In other words, the first of something which happens to be the 7th this month. Got it? Okay, so we can go on.


They are known as the Great Lakes because they are the largest group of freshwater lakes on earth! Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. They are also known as the inland seas since they act just as though they were oceans with rolling waves, sustained winds, strong currents, great depths and distant horizons.


Lake Superior is the second largest lake in the world. All of the lakes were cut by glaciers long, long ago. Some of the depths get a little scary and numerous ships have been lost, never to be seen again.

images (4)

The lakes have always served as a great source of trade between Canada and the United States.  Huge tankers and liners fill the lakes for both business and tourism. The Americans, Canadians, French and British have fought over the lakes, often having to drag warships from the ocean to the lakes in order to defend, or fight, on the waters.


And sadly, like where most humans get mixed with nature, the lakes are turning into a dumping ground for unwanted articles that no longer serve a purpose. This is what the Awareness Day is all about. Keeping the lakes clean and making people aware of just how important they are.

How to celebrate – Learn more about the Great Lakes. Make the lakes something we can all be proud of. Take a trip on a ship sailing around the lakes.

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