August 27th National Just Because Day

Today came about because of “Because Day” which is the third Weds of in May. Some one added the word Just to Joseph J. Goodwin’s creation.  But just because it is today, we’ll act like it stands alone. It is a day to celebrate all those things you can do, just because you want to.

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I mean, there is really no good reason for hang gliding. I guess if you silently want to invade a country that might work but with those gliders either being bright red or blue normally I think you might get caught. So if you hang glide, you probably do it just because you can.

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Again, is there really a good reason to walk a tight rope? I guess if you need to get from one place to another in a hurry you might try it but I wouldn’t bet on getting too far. One walks a tight rope just because it’s there and they can, or can’t as the case may be.  Personally, I find it difficult enough to walk on the sidewalk!


Or how about singing in an opera!?! Yes you get to show off your talent and tell a story that no one understands in America. In a lot of cases, it also allows you to have a profession where you can eat a lot! But you don’t really need to singing outrageously in order to tell a story. So you do it.. just because you can.


And streaking… well technically this is illegal so you really can’t but, who cares. Those who do, do it just because, they can. So it makes me wonder if you can streak while hang gliding while on a tight rope and singing opera! Well, why not! After all, it’s Just Because Day.

How to celebrate – Do something today, just because you can. (Make sure it’s legal first) Try a food you’ve never had before. Pretend you are someone famous… just because you can.

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