October 11th It’s My Party Day

This is the party season for sure so you might as well make it yours! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… of course there are office parties, birthday parties an parties just because! So you need to come up with the things that make it “Your Party”. Maybe it’s the theme, the colors or the people you invite. Whatever it is, it’s yours.


In most people’s books, Halloween will start the season. A costume party is appropriate but there are a lot of people who don’t like wearing costumes. So maybe to make it yours you could make it a non-costume party. But then would it really be a Halloween party then?

download (2)

And you could wait for Christmas. Christmas parties are always good! Well, that is unless you don’t celebrate Christmas. Then you could make it a Kwanzaa party or a Chanukkah party. Or one again, just a generic party. Or wait! Maybe you could do a Halloween Party during Christmas!

download (3)

And naturally there is the ever present New Year’s Eve party. But that seems to get a little stale since everyone does a New Year’s Eve party on New Year’s Eve. Maybe make your party a Valentine’s Day party on New Year’s Eve!?! The point here is, if it’s your party, make it whatever you want!


It could even be a Viking party, they are always fun. Or maybe make it a Lesley Gore, It’s My Party (And I’ll cry is I want to) party. If you are plundering and raiding that might make sense. Or at least as much as the people who celebrate this day in October for Lesley Gore’s #1 hit in 1963. Of course, it reached that honor in May but then, It’s Your Party so you can celebrate however you wish.

How to celebrate – Plan a party. Have a party today just because. Buy a copy of Lesley Gore’s, It’s My Party.


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