November 30th – National Mason Jar Day

Woohoo – best day ever! TY for sharing the love Mahoney Team for our holiday – National Mason Jar Day! We are very excited to see how people celebrate the day!

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Today is National Mason Jar Day! Don’t ask why that’s a thing or why it’s today and not any other day. I have no idea other than the National Day Calendar has declared it to be so.

It seems like such a random thing, but Americans have used their fair share of Mason jars over the decades – a lot of which were purchased as recently as 2015. Originally intended for canning fruits and vegetables, Mason jars are now used for anything from over-the-top milkshakes to homemade snow globes.

Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas Check out the “47 Magical Ways to Use Mason Jars This Christmas” from Country Living! Photo courtesy of ProFlowers.

But back before they became an American classic, the jars were patented by tinsmith John Mason for the sole purpose of canning food in a better way. Being a tinsmith, Mason first designed the cover of the jar before creating the jar…

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