December 30th National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

It is the coming of the New Year and the time of year when we eat way too much food so we should really get to know the uses of Bicarbonate of Soda! Better known as Baking Soda that is used in baking, as a cleaner, a polish for silver, for heartburn after we have eaten too much and the Egyptians even used it for paint.


So as the year comes to a close it can help us get over eating too much and clean up our homes to prepare to meet the new year. It is one of the most useful mixtures we have ever been fortunate to develop. It is created by passing carbon dioxide and ammonia through what we know as common table salt.


Or you can mine it as Trona. I am still amazed how people find a use for things. Someone actually had to figure out what bicarbonate of soda was good for. I mean, how did somebody figure out that bicarbonate of soda was good for heartburn? And what else did they try to use it for that failed?

download (2)

Most of us know bicarbonate of soda as Arm and Hammer, a company that has produced baking soda for longer than any of us can remember. I assume they are continuing to test it for additional uses as well. Who knows, maybe someday they will discover it cures the common cold!


How to celebrate – Find all the uses of Baking Soda. Try making your own bicarbonate of soda. Check out the history of Arm and Hammer.

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