January 23rd National Handwriting Day

Today we celebrate those who have excellent handwriting, which leaves me totally out. I can’t even write so that I can read what I have written! But beautiful penmanship is an art, one that we all can enjoy. It is also important because if you write something down, shouldn’t someone actually be able to read it?

The day was created by the Writing Instrument Manufactures Association in 1977. Obviously they created today to help sell pens and pencils and anything else that one can write with. They chose today because it is John Hancock’s birthday, the guy that signed the Declaration of Independence. He also was the first to sign it giving everyone else a complex.

In my case, it doesn’t matter what instrument I use to write with, it all comes out bad. The thing is, hardly anybody writes anything anymore. Letters have gone to emails, greeting cards have turned to e-cards and even memos have turned into typed notes.

Have we lost the ability to write? Do you spend anytime working on your penmanship? The use of calligraphy seems to fall to greeting cards and artwork. But when we no longer write letters or personal notes it’s no wonder that a day to celebrate handwriting needs to be a holiday.

How to celebrate – Practice your handwriting today. Write a letter. Become a calligrapher.


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