March 19th National Poultry Day

Today we honor those birds and fowl that give their all for us, because we eat them. Chickens, turkeys and any form of bird that serves as a meal. Now before you get all upset and angry about our consumption of animals understand, we have to eat and like it or not, man is a carnivore.

images (2)

Chicken is the most prevalent among the fowl we consume. There are those who do not like chicken, or any kind of fowl, but by far most adults and kids prefer chicken to any other kind of fowl served up.

images (3)

Turkey is leaner and better for you, but not for the turkey. Today we have turkey everything, meant to make our meals better for us. Now I like turkey, but not so much turkey burgers and such. I know, I know, it’s better for you but I want my hamburgers made out of beef!


And then there is the Cornish hen. A little gamey for me but many like it. Most I have seen are very small. It might take a half dozen of them to fill you up.


And of course, there is the blackbird pie. Personally, I’ve never had one of these and don’t think I would try it even if it was served in front of me. But that’s what today is all about. Honoring those creatures that keep us full and give us the energy to eat all those nasty vegetables!

How to celebrate – Serve up something fowl for dinner! Don’t think too much about what you are eating. Watch out for salmonella.

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