April 18th National High Five Day

There are probably few days to celebrate where the act of celebrating is what the day celebrates! The high five was invented during a basketball game in 1977. As with most things that seem to happen, no one seems to be sure why it happened, it just sort of did. It was turned into a big deal in 2002 when students at the University of Virginia decided to create the day as a holiday. Conor Lastowka, Sam Miotke, and Wynn Walent are credited with creating the day, helping to make the action common place among people all across the world. It may be a little over used these days – Giving someone a high five because you just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems a little over the top, but then again… why not. Remember too that it is never acceptable to give a low five until after a high five has been given first… otherwise it would just be called a handshake.

How to celebrate – Give out High Fives today. Play basketball. Find your own way of celebrating a victory.


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