May 9th Lost Sock Memorial Day

Remember yesterday when you took off your socks for No Sock Day? Well, there’s a 9 in 10 chance that one of those socks has now gone missing. What good is one sock by itself? Now you could buy all white socks, or all black socks so that they will match no matter how many you have but that would just be silly. And what happens to those missing socks? Where do they go? Did they run away from home because they just couldn’t stand the smell anymore? Did they just get worn out and fade away? it’s a question we may never be able to answer. (Another good reason for No Sock Day!) So what do you do with the one sock that has been loyal and remained behind? Well there’s always sock puppets, golf clubs that need to be covered and those peg legged pirates that are looking to buy just one sock.

How to celebrate – Provide a proper memorial for those missing socks. Use the remaining sock as a flag to fly at your memorial. Don’t wear socks at all.


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