July 20th National Lollipop Day

July 20th National Lollipop Day

Candy has been around since, well… forever, but not so the lollipop! It was created by George Smith of the Bradley Smith Company in 1908. Apparently, no one else had the idea of putting candy on a stick before that. Personally, I find that a little hard to believe since everything, early on, was served on a stick, but let’s go with it anyway. George named his new invention after his favorite racehorse, “Lolly Pop”. I know when I think of candy, I always think of racehorses so it’s just a natural progression. And most horses I know like lollipops, they even eat the stick!

How to celebrate – Go get yourself a lollipop. Share your lollipop with your favorite horse. Make your own lollipops at home.


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