July 25th National Thread The Needle Day

If you are going to sew you first need to thread the needle. When I first saw the day listed I thought this was going to be something about surfing. Nope, it’s all about threading the needle so you can either make something or repair something that requires sewing. Now I have tried to sew things in myself time, I admit I am not very good at it. I think a lot of the reason why I am not very good at it is because it takes me hours to thread the eye of the needle which means when it comes time to actually do the sewing part, I am either tired or frustrated so I just want to get the job over with! Someone should invent and sell the pre-threaded needle. Of course you could only use it once but who cares, life would be so much easier!

How to celebrate – Sew something. Thread some needles just for fun. Spend some time trying to make your point.


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