October 4th World Smile Day

Oct. 4th World Smile Day

If the entire world smiled at each other it would be a much friendlier place. It might also be a lot stranger world, but we won’t go there. Harvey Ball created the basic smiley face in 1963 but it took to 1999 to actually make the day one the world celebrated. It always falls on the first Friday in October, just in time for the coming holiday season. Not all smiles are meant as friendly however so you need to watch the person smiling at you to see if it is real or not. That may make it an entirely different place! But we should give a smile to all we see anyway, it will make the world a better place and give someone a boost they might not get otherwise.

How to celebrate – Smile at everyone you see today. Eyes will tell you whether the smile is actually meant, not a cover up for other intents. Always return a smile with a smile.

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