Oct. 15th National Grouch Day

Oct 15th National Grouch Day

We all know them, some of us may even be one of them… the grouch of the day! Normally this is unacceptable but for today, and today only, it’s okay to be a grouch. The day has been celebrated since 1976 and supposedly came from Sesame Street’s “Grouch”. Could be, but I think there have been grouches for a lot longer time than that. I think a lot of the “Grumpy Old Men” are older than that. A grouch can be funny if you watch them and think about what they are grumpy about. In most cases, it’s nothing at all that makes them that way, it’s just who they are. Well, enjoy your grouch, love them and listen to them complain… after all, they won’t be around forever.

How to celebrate – Record a grouch so they can see how silly they sound. If you wake up grouchy, go back to bed. List all the grouches you know.

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