October 16th Dictionary Day

Today we honor Daniel Webster for his efforts to educate us all as to the proper meaning and use of words. Today is his birthday, October 16th, 1758. It took him 27 years to write the dictionary and I bet it was really frustrating since every time a new word came into use he had to make changes and reset his work so it was correct. You may remember when you were back in school and asked someone to help you spell a word? They would normally tell you it look it up in a dictionary. I found issue with that since you needed to know how to spell the word to look it up in the first place! Today I use my dictionary a lot. It is the perfect paperweight to keep all my papers with misspellings from blowing away.

How to celebrate – Add a word a day to your vocabulary from the dictionary. See if you can even find your dictionary. Study how many words have been added to the dictionary since Webster finished the original.


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