October 22nd National Nut Day

Well you can take today in one of two ways. Either the kind of nuts you can eat (Unless of course you are allergic to them) or the kind you try to avoid on the streets. (Unless of course you are one of them) It seems odd to me that the larger the population grows the more nuts we seem to have, both the food and the people. And the more people, the more people that are allergic to them, both the food and the people. So today you can honor the nut, which ever you choose or even both! Perhaps you could through a party for all those people you think are nuts, naturally serving nuts at the party! Because, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes the nuts fool you, particularly the peas.

How to celebrate – List as many nuts as you can, both food and human. Discuss what a nut truly is and what is pretending to be one. Discover which nuts are actually seeds.

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