October 30th Mischief Night

So as not to spoil your Halloween trick-or-treating, tonight has been, traditionally, the night you create mischief in your neighborhood. While I do not condone this, it is a day that seems to date back to the 19th century England so it is a historical day. The idea is to play tricks on your neighbors, soap their windows, toilet paper their house, hide rotten tomatoes and knock on doors and run away before anyone can answer. While they are sort of fun for the person creating thee messes for their neighbors it really isn’t much fun for the neighbor who is the victim. I know it seems like fun, but remember your fun is normally work for others. Today, knocking on doors is likely to get you shot as well so, maybe not such a good idea. Playing pranks is fine, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or cause them any work. Keep in mind what you would not like to have happen to you, so plan your mischief with care.

How to celebrate – Forget tradition, do something nice for someone. If you must prank, do kinder pranks. Don’t cause any long term damage.

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