November 4th King Tut Day

Nov. 4th King Tut Day

Howard Carter discovered King Tut’s tomb in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings. His name was Tutankhamun and he ruled for only 9 years in the mid 1100’s BC. He died at 19 of either a brain tumor or lung disease, or maybe both, though there are those that thought he was murdered so someone else could become Pharaoh in his place. Interesting, his real name, at birth, was Tutankhaten meaning, “Living image of Aten” the Egyptian sun god. However after his father’s death, and Tut became Pharaoh, he changed the name of the sun god to Amun, and thus also changed the last part of his name to match the new sun god.

How to celebrate – Visit Egypt. Read about Carter’s discovery. Start a collection of King Tut merchandise

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