November 16th National Fast Food Day

We all know it is not good for us, though it is getting better, but we all have done it… we eat at fast food businesses for ease, speed and sometimes because we like it! McDonald’s has been around since 1955, Burger King since 1953 and Wendy’s since 1969. These are the three biggies. There are smaller ones that have been around even longer. When eating at a fast food place I think we need to remember they are in business to make money, not answer our nutritional needs. It is our choice to eat there, not their duty to feed us what is best for us. We go to them to eat something we like, get it quickly and move on with our day. We could choose to take longer to go to someplace that serves better quality food and may give us more healthy choices. But it is our choice!

How to celebrate – Support your favorite fast food establishment. Find the healthy choices on the menu of you favorite fast food establishment. Have some fast food for lunch today!


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