December 4, 2019 – Santa’s List Day

Christmas is coming and Santa is getting his lists together, or rather his Elves are getting the lists together for him. So have you been naughty or nice this year? You can’t hide the truth from Santa, or rather his Elves (you can’t hide it from Mom or Dad either).

And who is to say what is naughty and what is nice? There are times that being naughty is nice and sometimes when being nice is being naughty. I guess it is all how you view things. So while everybody is getting their shopping lists together Santa is determining who gets what.

There is an incentive for Santa to give out a lot of nice listings. After all, he will have the rest of the year to contend with those he has left on the naughty list. His vacation could even be affected by leaving someone on the naughty list. Naturally if you are going to the beach you certainly do not want to leave sharks on the naughty list.

Even animals want to be on the nice list, well most of them anyway. It affects the rest of their year too! The types of treats they get, whether they get to sleep in the bed with you, whether they get that toy they have had their eye on. Come to think of it, kids and pets are very similar to each other.

So as you are planning your year you should keep in mind which list you want to be on. After all it would be a shame to end up on the naughty list for something you did on December 26th.

How to celebrate – Try and figure out if you are on the naughty or nice list. make up a list of your own and send it to Santa. Plea bargain your year.

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