December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Today is one of the more important days of the year. We celebrate the noodle ring and all it has brought us. It is not difficult to understand, it is noodles cooked into a ring, or circle, and served for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast! It’s a fun way to have a meal and basically it is healthy. Naturally you can make it unhealthy, but in it’s purest form it is good for you, or at least sort of anyway. I could go on for hours and hours about today but I won’t (mainly because it’s noodles cooked in a ring)! You can add meat, vegetables, fruit, whatever you want as long as there are noodles and they are in a circle.

How to celebrate – Have some noodles. Cook everything in a ring today. Educate yourself to the world of pasta.

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