January 2nd Run Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes Day

The idea of the day is to put your thoughts and ideas out in front of people and see if they agree or disagree. It’s a great way of testing your theories, though you do have to expect to get negatives as well as positives. The idea of putting it on a flagpole is setting it before the largest number of people you can reach. Most television companies use test audiences to see how they respond to a new show pilot. If a large number like it, the show goes on, if they don’t, we will never see it. The flag is your idea, the pole is the number of people you can reach, so make sure you want your ideas open to the public before you go raising your flag.

How to celebrate – Put up a flagpole in your front yard (you may need to get a permit first). Print up your ideas large enough they could be a flag. Make sure your flag is not offensive to anyone.

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