January 16th National Nothing Day

Nothing from nothing leave nothing. In fact i should not even be doing this blog to celebrate this day because, I would be doing nothing, which is exactly what this day is all about! Oddly, today was created by Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973 who was a newspaper man. Nothing does not make for a very interesting newspaper. A book without words is nothing but is it still a book? If it is still a book then it can’t be nothing. And when one says you should do nothing all day then your day will be rather short, since you have to at least breath to be alive. So it really is impossible to do nothing today and still be around to celebrate it. Maybe today should be renamed don’t do anything beyond what you have to do day. Most of us would claim that as doing nothing.

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate, do nothing. Don’t make a list of what you aren’t doing. Go back to bed.

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