February 1st No Politics Day

If there ever was a day we really should celebrate it’s today! Politics effect all of us but as long as they are run by the very powerful regimes’ that tell us who we can vote for we really can’t do anything about them. It would be nice if those running for office actually listened to the people but they rarely, if ever, do. So we sit around our dining table discussing who is right and who is wrong, often making enemies out of friends and to what end? So today is no politics day. A day where we do not think about or talk about politics. If we see their commercials on tv or hear them on the radio, we turn them off. A glorious day where we don’t hear any promises, threats or visions on what we should care about and why we should care the way they do. The day was created by Rob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2017. Wouldn’t it be great if every day was “No Politics Day”.

How to celebrate – Do not talk politics. Do not watch or listen to commercials preaching politics. Pretend like you are a King or Queen and rule your own life.

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