February 3rd The Day The Music Died Day

Today, in 1959, we lost Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper due to a plane crash in snowy conditions. All three were legends in their own time and who knows what else they might have done if they had survived, but they didn’t and the world’s loss can only be imagined. Many felt that this was the day the music died, or at least rock and roll. But it didn’t and while it has been reinvented over and over again, it still exists. They did leave their impression on us all. They left their impression on music. For them, the music did die, for us it goes on and we will have what they left behind to listen to forever so at least their legends live on.

How to celebrate – Listen to the music Valens, Holly and the Big Bopper left behind. Read about their lives, or watch the movies made of them. Remember who they were and they will live on forever.

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